Trust Deed & Charitable Purposes

The Hugo Charitable Trust was established for the following charitable purposes:

a. the relief of poverty;

b. to advance education, health and other charitable purposes to support family, social and community welfare;

c. the care, support and assistance of those with physical or mental health care needs;

d. the support of religious groups which provide support and help to people in the community, particularly but not limited to Catholic groups such as (by way of example only) the Society of St Vincent de Paul in New Zealand, the Hospice and St Patricks Cathedral;

e. the care, support and assistance of the disadvantaged or marginalised;

f. the furtherance of education and learning;

g. the support of teaching and social programmes, to benefit the economically disadvantaged, including music programmes having regard to the opportunities music offers to build self-esteem and encourage achievement;

h. the funding of medical research and medical care to improve health outcomes;

i. the support of charitable organisations that further the above purposes; and

j. any other purposes within New Zealand which are charitable according to the law of New Zealand.

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Trust Deed