Hugh Green (1931-2012)

Hugh Green was born in Raphoe, County Donegal, Ireland and was one of eight siblings. They grew up with very little by today’s standards.

Although Hugh left school at the age of twelve, he gained great knowledge and skills at the cattle sales with his father.

At the age of seventeen, Hugh left Ireland for Scotland and eventually made his way to New Zealand. Through unwavering determination and hard work, Hugh achieved substantial business success in New Zealand and maintained a lifelong commitment to giving back to others; “One of the best things about having acquired some wealth through making good deals is that you can use it to provide help where it’s needed.”

After Hugh’s passing in 2012 Hugh’s eldest daughter Maryanne set up the Hugo Charitable Trust to continue his legacy of giving a hand up to those in need.

We are sure that Hugh would be proud to see the lasting impact of his hard work.

Hugh Green

“I’ve always tried to follow my father’s example of sharing what I have with other people. Even when I wasn’t earning much, I managed to find a little to help those who had even less.”

Hugh Green

Hugh Green

A Lad From Raphoe

By Mark Owens, 2005

A drover lad, a cattle trader

Engineer and corporate raider

Scottish tunnels, Aussie cane

Ditches, piping, wind and rain

Hydro dams and island roads

Wheelbarrows and bucket loads

Drainage dug, all by hand

The Irish boys, a merry band

Diesel engines, hydraulic rams

More by levers, less by hands

Farming fringe of city sites

Office work and boardroom fights

Subdivided, built and leased

Trading shares, contracting ceased

Children grown, married fifty years

Doctor of law, respect of peers

Time to rest, look back with pride

At hardship taken in your stride

Sharing wealth with needs you know

Not bad, for a lad from Raphoe

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