St Vincent de Paul, Auckland Central Council

The Hugo team has been very impressed with all the charities we have donated to. These charities are dedicated to making a real difference to the communities they support. We have been humbled by their courage and tenacity and that of the individuals we have helped.

These individuals and charitable groups are all part of our wider Aotearoa community. We strongly encourage other New Zealanders to read their stories and support them. They would all greatly appreciate a donation of any size – no amount is too big or too small.

2020-2021 Donations

Charity Donation Amount
Aphasia NZ  $2,500.00
Auckland City Mission $250,000.00
Auckland Health Foundation - Stroke Centre of Excellence Project $5,000.00
Auckland Medical Research Foundation  $250,000.00
Breast Cancer Cure  $10,000.00
Bright Vision Charitable Trust - Hapai Mama programme, Te Puke $5,000.00
Cancer Society of NZ - Otago & Southland Division Inc. $44,500.00
Cardrona Alpine Resort Ltd, NZ Falcon Research $10,000.00
Catholic Social Services - Game On programme $2,500.00
Central Otago Queenstown Trail Network Trust $315,000.00
Christchurch Heart Institute - Otago University Research Centre $5,000.00
Christchurch Hospital Volunteers  $2,500.00
Citizen's Advice Bureau Queenstown  $1,000.00
Clevedon Community Trust $2,500.00
Coastguard Maraetai $5,000.00
Cystic Fibrosis NZ $2,500.00
De Paul House $2,500.00
Empowered Learning Trust $5,000.00
Family Life International $2,500.00
Fiordland Wapiti Foundation $5,000.00
Gemma Malins  $2,500.00
George Moana, Whanganui $5,000.00
Glen Innes Food Bank $5,000.00
Hamilton Sculpture Trust $5,000.00
Hawthornedale Care Village, Invercargill $125,000.00
Hospice - Harbour Hospice $40,000.00
Hospice - North Shore Hospice $5,000.00
Just Move Charitable Health Trust $5,000.00
Karyn Dillon $5,000.00
Kids with Arthritis NZ (KWANZ) $10,000.00
Kiran B Wilson, Auckland $5,000.00
Lauren Yeaman, Auckland $2,500.00
Lech-Welensa Lo Tam, Auckland $5,730.00
Leehane Stowers  $5,000.00
Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust $2,500.00
Lincoln Rotary Club Trust $5,000.00
Liston College, Auckland $15,000.00
Living Options, Arrowtown $5,000.00
Luana De Aguiar Goncalves, Brazilian Queenstown  $19,000.00
Mana Tāhuna Charitable Trust, Queenstown $5,000.00
Mandy Grantley, Auckland $5,000.00
Mangere Budgeting Services Trust  $10,000.00
Manurewa High School Business Academy Trust, Auckland - Maker Space programme $10,000.00
Marcellin College, Auckland $40,000.00
Mental Health Foundation  $2,500.00
Meredith Connell - Hugo Law School Scholarships $60,000.00
Monte Cecile Housing Trust, Auckland $22,000.00
Mummy's In Need $5,000.00
No.15 Timaru Squadron $2,000.00
North Shore Riding for the Disabled  $5,000.00
NZ Memorial Museum Trust - Le Quesnoy, France $100,000.00
NZ Rowing Foundation $5,000.00
Orange Sky Laundry NZ $20,000.00
Otago Deaf Society  $5,000.00
Over The Top, Talia Cooper  $600.00
Pauwels Flying Scholarship Trust $10,000.00
People First New Zealand $5,000.00
Pillars  $5,000.00
Port Chalmers Outdoors Education Club  $2,500.00
Race4Life $5,000.00
Recreate NZ $5,000.00
Rosmini College, Auckland $5,000.00
Sasha Barras $2,500.00
Saving Hope Foundation $5,000.00
Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Board (MERC) $5,000.00
Sistema Aotearoa $53,000.00
Sisters of Mercy, Cobden Mercy Outreach, Sr Anne McLaughlin $15,000.00
SPCA, Auckland $5,000.00
Spectrum Care $2,800.00
St John Northern Region $2,500.00
St Peters Boarding, Rosmini Boarding House, Gore $5,000.00
St Vincent De Paul - Auckland Central $55,745.00
St Vincent De Paul - Auckland North (Takapuna) $2,500.00
St Vincent De Paul - Auckland South $4,840.00
STaR Centre - University of Auckland  $250,000.00
Te Awamutu Catholic Women's League $15,000.00
Te Puawaitanga O Atareta Playcentre, Remuera  $5,000.00
Three Lakes Cultural Trust $30,000.00
Turn Up The Music, Queenstown $2,500.00
YMCA Southland Recreation Limited - Raise up programme $5,000.00
Total Donations Paid 1 April to 31 March 2021 $2,001,215.00

2019-2020 Donations

Charity Donation Amount
Abilities Group $50,000
Alzheimers Society Manawatu $2,500
Aphasia NZ Charitable Trust $1,000
Arts & Play Therapy in Education Trust (APTE) $15,000
Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust $2,500
Asthma New Zealand Inc $2,500
Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland $250,000
Auckland Catholic Social Services  $2,500
Auckland Health Foundation $5,000
Auckland Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) $250,000
Baradene College of the Sacred Heart, Auckland (Scholarships) $50,000
Baskets of Blessings  $2,500
BLAKE (Sir Peter Blake) Trust $25,000
Blind & Low Vision NZ $5,000
Bruce Grant Memorial Youth Trust $5,000
Cambridge Life Skills Institute Trust $2,500.00
Canterbury Men’s Centre Christchurch $5,000.00
Caring Crew NZ $287.00
Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand $5,000.00
Cat Rescue Wanaka $2,500.00
Central Otago Compassionate Friends $5,000.00
Central Otago Friendship Network $46,990.00
Central Otago Living Options Charitable Trust $83,990.00
Central Otago Living Options Ltd $100,000.00
Children’s Autism Foundation $5,000.00
Christchurch Early Intervention Trust $5,000.00
Christchurch Group NZ Riding for the Disabled $5,000.00
Christchurch Heart Institute Trust $5,000.00
Communicare Auckland $2,500.00
Complex Care Group Trust $5,000.00
Conductive Education Southland Charitable Trust $5,000.00
Connect the Dots $40,000.00
Creative Kids Trust Board $2,500.00
Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa (CTOA) Auckland $15,000.00
Cure Kids $155,800.00
D’Urville Island Stoat Eradication Charitable Trust $5,000.00
De Paul House $2,500.00
Dilworth School (Scholarships) $65,000.00
Disability, Spirituality and Faith Network $5,000.00
Emma Curley $5,000.00
Epilepsy New Zealand $2,500.00
Fiordland Wapiti Trust $2,500.00
For the Love of Bees Charitable Trust $5,000.00
Fred Hollows Foundation NZ $5,000.00
Friends of Central Park $15,000.00
Glen Innes Foodbank (CAB) $5,000.00
Great Fathers Trust $2,500.00
Happiness House Queenstown $1,250.00
Hearts & Minds NZ Inc $24,000.00
Home and Family Counselling Centre $5,000.00
Homes of Hope Charitable Trust $7,700.00
Hospice Taranaki $20,000.00
I Am Hope, Gumboot Fund $2,500.00
Institute of Marine Science, University of Auckland  $2,000.00
InZone Education Foundation $32,000.00
Johnny Tawhi $5,000.00
Kākano Youth Arts Collective $20,800.00
Kate Hitchcock $7,000.00
Kenzie's Gift $15,000.00
Key to Life Charitable Trust $5,000.00
Kids in Need Waikato Charitable Trust $5,000.00
Kids With Arthritis NZ $11,020.00
KidsCan Charitable Trust $5,000.00
Lance O’Sullivan $1,200.00
Landscape Connection Trust $20,000.00
Life Centre Trust Auckland $5,000.00
Liggins Institute, University of Auckland $250,000.00
Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Zealand $10,000.00
Mandy Masters (Dr) $30,000.00
Mandy Melhuish $5,000.00
Mangere College $5,000.00
Māpura Studios $25,000.00
Marcellin College $12,000.00
Marie McCallion-Hester $10,000.00
McAuley High School $54,600.00
ME/CFS Support Auckland $2,500.00
Melanoma New Zealand $5,000.00
Mental Health Foundation $1,000.00
Meredith Connell Trust Account, Law School Scholarships $60,000.00
Mixit Charitable Trust $10,000.00
MOKO Foundation $50,000.00
Mothers Helpers $2,500.00
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland Inc $5,000.00
Murihiku Islamic Trust $5,000.00
National Contemporary Art Award (Hamilton City Council) $5,000.00
No. 4 Squadron Air Training Corps Support Committee $5,000
North Shore Hospice Trust $5,000
Northern Regional Alliance Ltd $90,000
Ohana Young Parent Charitable Trust $5,000
Otago Community Hospice $38,000
Ōtautahi Creative Spaces Trust $20,000
Ōtepoti Collective Against Sexual Abuse $2,500
Panmure Bridge Primary School $1,500
Papakura High School $11,000
Papakura Kootuitui Trust  $151,200
Paradise Charitable Trust $5,000
Pauwels Flying Scholarship Trust $10,000
Port Chalmers Outdoor Education Committee $5,000
Professor Parry Gilford (University of Otago) $50,000
Queenstown Trails Trust $7,500
Race4Life Trust $5,000
Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust $45,000
Recreate NZ $5,000
Remarkable Cancer Gym Charitable Trust $5,000
RNZSPCA Inc $5,000
Ronald McDonald House South Island $5,000
Rosmini College $2,000
Rotary Club of Queenstown Charitable Trust $2,000
Rotorua District Presbyterian Church $3,400
Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust $2,500
Sailability Waikato Trust $5,000
SAINTZ UP Performing Arts Trust $13,055
Sands Auckland Central Inc $2,500
Shakti NZ – Shakti Community Council $5,000
Shelley Chidwick & Steve Noble $1,000
Sistema Aotearoa $80,000
Society of St Vincent De Paul Auckland South Council $100,000
Special Olympics Otago $8,000
SPELD NZ $15,000
STaR Centre, University of Auckland $250,000
Summer Learning Journey, University of Auckland $62,700
Sustainable Papakura $1,500
Sustainable Queenstown Charitable Trust $6,250
Te Awamutu Catholic Women's League $12,000
Te Rori a Mua Trust $12,500
Te Tamawai Trust – The Water Boy $22,500
Te Whakaora Tangata Trust $45,000
Teach First NZ - Ako Mātātupu $50,000
There’s a Better Way Foundation $11,000
UpsideDowns Education Trust $40,000
Victory Boxing Charitable Trust $5,000
Virtuoso Strings Charitable Trust $2,500
Waiopehu College $2,850
Wakatipu Community Foundation $67,500
Wakatipu Netball $5,000
Wakatipu Resforestation Trust $4,000
Wakatipu Wildlife Trust $80,000
Wakatipu Youth Trust $6,500
Wellington Curtain Bank (Sustainability Trust) $15,000
Whakaaro Tahi Community Trust $5,000
Wheat, CI & S $5,000
Who Did You Help Today Charitable Trust $50,000
YMCA of Auckland $5,000
Youth in Transition Charitable Trust $2,500
6th Battalion Hauraki Regiment Assn $2,000
Total Donations Paid 1 April to 31 March 2020 $3,515,092

2018-2019 Donations

Charity Purpose Donation Amount
A Girl Called Hope Hugo Friend Nomination $1,000.00
Abilities Group Truck Signage $5,000.00
Alan Duff Charitable Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Argo Trust, Wellington Customised Toyota Hiace Van fitted with Hoist & Wheelchair Belts $67,000.00
Arts for Health Community Trust Art therapy for disadvantaged & marginalised groups in the Hamilton community $2,000.00
Auckland City Mission (Mission Homeground) Mission Homeground project $250,000.00
Auckland Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Auckland Medical Museum Trust Educate, Engender Pride, Improve Understanding & Motivate Young People $31,000.00
Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust Westpac Rescue Helicopter - Waiheke to Auckland ocean swim $1,000.00
Autism New Zealand Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Baradene College of the Sacred Heart, Auckland Scholarship for Years 7 - 13 $50,000.00
Barnados Waikato Footsteps to Feeling Safe programme $40,000.00
Baskets of Blessings Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Bellyful, Hibiscus Coast Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Bellyful, Wellington Cook & Deliver Meals to Families $10,000.00
Big Buddy Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Camp Quality New Zealand 2018 priority areas: raising awareness, volunteer training, new volunteer management system $20,000.00
Canteen Hugo Friend Nomination $1,500.00
Caring Crew NZ Care packs provided to parents/caregivers with a child in hospital $212.50
Catholic Social Services Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
CCS Disability Action Southland Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Celtic Flute School of New Zealand Inc. Ceol Aneas Traditional Irish School Music Festival $5,000.00
Christchurch Foundation Support of families & the wider Christchurch muslim community impacted by the Terrorist attack on their Mosques $50,000.00
Christchurch Heart Institute Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Connect the Dots Charitable Trust Director's salary for the Make Moments programme $50,000.00
Corey Keeling Corey Keeling - "Corey the Brave" (Givealittle Page) $5,000.00
Cystic Fibrosis NZ Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Dance Therapy NZ Christchurch development programmes & continuation of the Arts 4 Us South programme $10,000.00
De Paul House 2 x Hugo Friend Nominations $7,500.00
Dialysis Machine (Otago) Gambro RO model WR0300H with product water stainless connector $11,787.50
Diarmuid Barron Diarmuid Barron - "Do it for Diarmuid" (Givealittle Page) $2,000.00
Dilworth School Bruce Stewart QC Scholarships for 3 Dilworth leavers to attend the Royal School of Dungannon as GAP tutors in 2020 $65,000.00
Eat My Lunch Hugo Friend Nomination $4,000.00
EK (Eakalafi) Taeiloa Papakura High School Student Scholarship $4,020.25
Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) Support of families & the wider Christchurch muslim community impacted by the Terrorist attack on their Mosques $50,000.00
First Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Foster Hope Charitable Trust Support for Foster Parents & Kids $5,000.00
Foster Hope Charitable Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Friends of Rotoiti Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
G.I.F.T Centre GIFT Centre - Purchase of Vans less Trade-Ins $80,000.00
Gillies McIndoe Research Institute Clinical Study of use of ACE Inhibitors to treat malignant Melanoma $300,000.00
Gina (Georgina) Le Noel Papakura High School Student Scholarship $4,020.25
Glen Innes Foodbank (CAB) Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Graeme Dingle Foundation (NZ wide) Run the Kiwi Can programme at Pukekohe North & Mercer schools $50,000.00
Grief and Loss Support Services, Auckland Seasons for Growth programme - Funding for Fieldworker $25,000.00
Guardian Angels Charitable Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Gutter Kitties Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Hand Up Foundation Funding for 2 students from St Paul’s College for a year $3,000.00
Happiness House Queenstown Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Hihi Conservation (Recovery Group) Leading the recovery of the Hihi species $10,000.00
Home & Family Counselling Fundraising Event $5,000.00
Hope Rising Farm Trust "Time out with Horses" programme in 2018 $4,100.00
I Have a Dream Charitable Trust 30 Children through the Trust's Ngātahi Education Initiative in Whāngārei $30,000.00
Inzone Education Foundation 12-Seater Van to transport InZone students $50,747.00
John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation Support BLENNZ Sport for 1 Year $25,000.00
Ka Pai Kai South Waikato Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Kākano Youth Arts Collective Van purchase, sign writing & operating costs $17,700.00
KaraHands Hugo Friend Nomination $2,000.00
Kawakawa (Bay of Islands) Hospital Hugo Whānau House and Hugo Resuscitation Bays $200,000.00
Kenzie's Gift Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Kerri Birdthistle Kerri Birdthistle - "Support Kerri Through Her Cancer Battle" (Givealittle Page) $5,000.00
Key to Life Charitable Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Kids With Arthritis NZ 2018 Xmas Events in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch $10,000.00
Kootuitui ki Papakura Health Strand at Papakura High School & Homes Strand $150,000.00
Leehane Stowers Leehane Stowers - "Life" (Givealittle Page) $5,000.00
Life Education - Rodney Funding support for one of Life Education's existing Educators $20,000.00
Lincoln Rotary Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Lions Clubs New Zealand Child Mobility Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Lizzie McKay Lizzie McKay - Cystic Fibrosis / Diabetes Sensors Management $5,000.00
Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Zealand Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Malaghan Institute of Medical Research Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Māpura Studios Stroke Art Therapy programme for 12 people and developing Māpura services in South Auckland $30,600.00
Massive Co Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Meridee Walter Meridee Walter - "Help Meridee fight the odds" (Givealittle Page) $5,000.00
MIXIT Van purchase & sign writing $10,300.00
Mothers Helpers Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Motor Neurone Disease Association of NZ Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Movember Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Mt Richmond Special School Toyota Hiace Van c/w Rear Wheelchair Hoist $66,000.00
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland Inc Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Music Therapy New Zealand Support of Music Therapy Week 2018 and Improved Communications Project $45,900.00
National Contemporary Art Award 2019 Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Nelson College for Girls Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Nelson Environment Centre Inc Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
NeuroTones Waikato Choir for people with neurological conditions in Hamilton $2,000.00
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
No 4 Squadron Air Training Corps Support Committee Sponsor two senior cadets to attend the Spirit of Adventure Trust Leadership Voyage $5,000.00
NZ Organisation for Rare Disorders Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
NZ Riding for the Disabled Association Hugo Friend Nomination $1,500.00
Opawa School Board of Trustees Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Orange Sky New Zealand Limited Inaugural hybrid van in New Zealand $215,000.00
Orphan Kids Charity Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Outline New Zealand Inc Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Paeroa Central School Contribute to Kapa Haka marae camp trip in 2019 $4,000.00
Panmure Bridge School Panmure Bridge School - Sports Uniform $5,000.00
Papa Taiao - Earthcare Ltd Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Papakura High School Student Travel Costs $100.00
Parafed Wellington Operating costs of Parafed's Youth Group programme $15,000.00
Pathway Trust, Christchurch Navigate Inititative $45,000.00
Penguin Rescue Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Pillars Mentoring for 18 Children, 10 in Auckland & 8 in Christchurch $54,000.00
Poly-Emp Employment & Advisory Service Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Project Jonah Protection of Marine Mammals in NZ Waters $5,000.00
Rainbow Place (Waikato Hospice) IPU and Respite Care services $50,000.00
RainbowYOUTH Peer Support Services in South Island $20,000.00
RAW 2014 Limited Reclaim Another Woman support programme $50,000.00
Recreate NZ Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Riding for the Disabled - Cambridge Inc Hugo Friend Nomination $2,000.00
Riding for the Disabled Assn - Sth Auckland Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
RNZSPCA Inc 2 x Hugo Friend Nominations $4,500.00
Rosmini College College General fundraising $2,000.00
Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust 2 x Hugo Friend Nominations $5,000.00
Sacred Heart College Sistema recommended student scholarships - 1 x Day Boy and 1 x 7 Day Boarder $143,000.00
Sarah Cato Sarah Cato - "Purchase the Prejeta.....Please" (Givealittle Page) $5,000.00
Sea Mercy (Fiji) Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Board Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Sir Peter Blake Trust 70 VR Headsets, educator backdrop & resources to be rolled out beginning of 2019 school year $40,000.00
South Auckland Christian Foodbank Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility
(University of Auckland)
Spinal Cord Injury Research $20,000.00
STaR Centre, University of Auckland Pancreatic Cancer research $250,000.00
Stepping Stone Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Stevie Whittaker Stevie Whittaker - "Stevie's brain tumour battle" (Givealittle Page) $5,000.00
Stop The Bus Charitable Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $4,000.00
Stroke Foundation Stroke Foundation's Pacific Stroke Prevention Project $20,000.00
Te Awamutu Catholic Women's League Te Awamutu community support $10,000.00
Te Rangimarie Charitable Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Teach First NZ Cost of 2 particpants for 1 year & $10,000 to support Teach First NZ's work with their alumni $50,000.00
The Aunties 2 x Hugo Friend Nominations $7,500.00
Totara Park Riding for the Disabled Inc Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
University of Auckland School of Medicine Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
UpsideDowns Education Trust Continue providing speech language therapy support and grow its outreach in the South Auckland community $40,000.00
Vincentian Home & Hospital In memory of Marion Kitchenman RIP $10,000.00
Waikato Environment Centre Trust T/A Go Eco Kaivolution Food Rescue $40,000.00
Waikato Junior Golfing Society Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Wakatipu Wildlife Trust (Lake Hayes) Wakitipu Wildlife Trust - Predator free programme on Lake Hayes track $4,000.00
Wakatipu Wildlife Trust (Arrowtown) Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Wellington Hospitals Foundation Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Whāngārei Hospital Equipment (laser, trans perineal prostate biopsies, flexible cystoscope & urodynamic machines) for Urology Department $200,000.00
Who Did You Help Today Trust Mothers Project & the Homework Help Club $50,000.00
Wildbase Recovery Community Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
Will to Live Hugo Friend Nomination $5,000.00
World Animal Protection Ltd Hugo Friend Nomination $2,000.00
Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust Hugo Friend Nomination $2,500.00
Total Donations Paid 1 April to 31 March 2019 $3,500,487.49

2017-2018 Donations

Charity Purpose Donation Amount
Adventurous HugoCerebral Palsy $25,000.00
Argo TrustChairs for residents with disabilities$20,000.00
Auckland Bioengineering InstituteResearch Cluster $500,000.00
Auckland City MissionHomeless Outreach Worker and Coats$66,852.60
Auckland Medical Research FoundationPancreas-related research$500,000.00
Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust2 x Hugo Friend nominations$7,500.00
BarnardosHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Bernard Goldwater Jewish Education Hugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Cancer Society2 x Hugo Friend nominations$10,000.00
Christians Against Poverty (CAP)Hugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Cystic Fibrosis NZHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
De Paul House (St Vincent de Paul)Hugo Friend nomination$2,500.00
Dilworth School3 x scholarships to Ireland$65,000.00
Eat My LunchHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
First FoundationStudent Success Programme$50,000.00
Foster Hope Charitable TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Garden to Table Trust2 x Hugo Friend nominations$7,500.00
Heart Kids NZHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Home and Family Counselling Hugo Friend nomination$6,500.00
Inzone Education FoundationHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Jigsaw Central LakesHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Kākano Youth Arts CollectiveVisual Arts initiative $20,000.00
Kids with Arthritis NZGreatest Needs$10,000.00
Kidscan Charitable Trust3 x Hugo Friend nominations$15,000.00
Koru Care Charitable TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Lifeline Aotearoa2 x Hugo Friend nominations$7,500.00
Liggins InstituteResearch cluster $500,000.00
Lions Transplant HouseHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Middlemore Foundation - Mana-ā-Riki Health Service & Homes Strand (Papakura)$200,000.00
McCahon House TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Mercy HospiceHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Muscular Dystrophy Association of NZDuke of Edinburgh Award (Lance O'Sullivan)$750.00
National Contemporary Art AwardHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Nelson Tasman HospiceHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
NZ Catholic Women's LeagueHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
NZ Paramedic Education & Research Hugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Ngā Tangata Microfinance TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
North Shore Hospice TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
NZ Breast Cancer FoundationHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Ohana Young Parent Charitable TrustSt John First Aid $3,060.00
Ōtautahi Creative SpacesHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Paw JusticeHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Paws 4 Life Charitable TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Pillars (Auckland)Hugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Pohutukawa Trust NZHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Project JonahHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Project MorotoHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Radio Lollipop NZ Gifts for 130 expected children $3,000.00
RainbowYOUTH Hugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Recreate NZHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Reuben DavisLeukaemia$10,000.00
Royal NZ CoastguardHugo Friend nomination$2,500.00
Sistema AotearoaMusic Director's Salary$120,000.00
Sistema WaikatoInstruments and professional development$15,000.00
Sistema WhāngāreiHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
SPCA - Auckland3 x Hugo Friend nominations$10,000.00
SPCA - WaihekeHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
St Dominic's Catholic Primary Greatest Needs$2,000.00
St John's AmbulanceHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
St Vincent de Paul OtahuhuHugo Friend nomination$2,500.00
Stroke Foundation NZHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
St Josephs of the Carpenters SchoolPlayground and instruments$65,000.00
Te Puawaitanga ki Ōtautahi Charitable TrustHugo Friend nomination$5,000.00
Teach First NZTeacher's scholarship and training $50,000.00
The Lifewise Trust2017 Big Sleep Out Fundraiser$23,962.89
The Moko FoundationHawea Vercoe Leadership Programme $53,500.00
The Upside Downs Education TrustSpeech Therapy$45,000.00
Thomas FyersOff-Road Farm Scooter$10,000.00
Middlemore Foundation, Manukau Super ClinicMRI Guided Prostate Biopsy System$200,000.00
Variety NZ2 x Hugo Friend nominations$7,500.00
Who Did You Help Today TrustMothers Project & the Homework Help Club$100,000.00