Hugh Green was born in Raphoe in County Donegal in 1931.

Growing up in a family of eight children in a small town in rural Ireland there were no luxuries, but Hugh enjoyed his childhood in the close-knit Raphoe community.

Hugh emigrated to NZ where he worked hard and earned business success. Maryanne Green (Hugh’s eldest daughter) established the Hugo Charitable Trust in 2O17 to continue her father’s philanthropic legacy.

Hugh Green

A Lad From Raphoe

By Mark Owens, 2005

A drover lad, a cattle trader
Engineer and corporate raider
Scottish tunnels, Aussie cane
Ditches, piping, wind and rain
Hydro dams and island roads
Wheelbarrows and bucket loads
Drainage dug, all by hand
The Irish boys, a merry band
Diesel engines, hydraulic rams
More by levers, less by hands

Farming fringe of city sites
Office work and boardroom fights
Subdivided, built and leased
Trading shares, contracting ceased
Children grown, married fifty years
Doctor of law, respect of peers
Time to rest, look back with pride
At hardship taken in your stride
Sharing wealth with needs you know
Not bad, for a lad from Raphoe